V Exclusive! Verse Simmonds Dishes on His Ideal V-Day Date, Celebrity Crush, Love and More

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Verse Simmonds has already defined what’s he’s looking for in a “Boo Thang,” but when it comes to his main chick on V-Day, it’s all about thinking outside of the box. VIBE recently tapped the Bu Vision bwoy to dish on his ideal V-date, his celebrity crush and love. –Jazmine Gray

VIBE: In your opinion, what are the sexiest things a woman could do for her man on Valentine’s Day?

Verse: Let’s kind of think out of the box. You know, a lot of guys are into the strip clubs. If you want to keep your man home on Valentine’s Day, ladies, I would suggest renting a pole. They’re not that expensive, maybe $200. Put it up in the house and do a little strip tease for him after you guys have a nice dinner. I think that’s something sexy he’d appreciate.  You could probably take a couple of classes, get yourself prepared for that day, set up a nice little pole, nice little scenery, have some candle lights, then get it poppin’.

What do you think is the worst gift a girl could get for a guy?

The worst gift would probably be a tie.  I think a lot of girls get gifts that men can’t use.  Nobody wants to get a gift that they can’t use. It makes no sense for girls to go out and get any old random thing. Think about something that he might want for the house or something that he uses on a regular basis that he would really appreciate. It’s not worth it even for a man to get a woman something that she can’t use.  So, something like a tie would probably be something that’s really regular. He might be able to use it but there’s nothing really special about it.

If money weren’t an object, describe the ideal Valentine’s Day date you’d plan.

A: I would like to take a chick to the Virgin Islands, get a nice villa on the beach, and we could probably set off some fireworks on Valentine’s Day. That would be something awesome that I definitely would like.

What was your worst Valentine’s Day experience? Your best?

A: My worst Valentine’s Day would be not having a special someone for that day that I could spend my time with, or I have to be on the road or something when I’d like to be caked up.

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