V Exclusive! Yo Gotti Explains His Boss Status, Why he Loves Independent Women

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VIBE caught up with Yo Gotti for a brief conversation about his life right now. Our goal was to figure out what his plan are s to move forward now that his major label debut, Live From the Kitchen, was unceremoniously released. What we discovered was that Yo Gotti is cool, calm and collected and plans to make an undesirable situation better by moving forward with new projects. He also revealed his affinity for independent women, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

What’s your game plan for moving forward after the album release debacle?

It really isn’t something I’m new to. When it comes down to it, I put out my very first independent album out ten years ago and we moved 30,000 and 10 years later, from a teenager to Jan 10, 2012 I was independent. But we made just as much money as a lot of these artists out here. We brought these people to the club and other artists; we already have a huge following. I think they know what it is, they know what Yo Gotti is they know what we stand for. The label don’t see it, but other people see it so we ain’t gonna trip out there. We gonna stay focused and go ahead and push the next project.

What do you want people to take away from your music?

It’s for the people. I do it for the fans. I don’t agree with no politics but as long as people appreciate the album then I reached my goal.

Speaking of reaching goals, you have a huge female fanbase. How did that happen?

I don’t know. I think it’s because we in it to win it. We know how to treat women. To me, a woman should feel safe around a dude that comes from that culture. When I say “culture,” I mean I’m from the street. I ain’t no rapper but I’m a perfect combination of street culture. When you from street culture you ride for your people. You take your people, take care of your people, and if a woman see that and know she’s gonna be taken care of then she’s gonna ride, that’s what we do in this culture.

One of our female readers asks, if I approach a man, will it make me look desperate?

I think both men and women should approach each other if they feel like it, and nobody would look at it like it’s wrong. The person should approach if they want to. Don’t take chances on anything you want. If you want it go get it. Just like a dude walks up to a girl like, “Whatcho name is?” Just walk up to him and be like, “Wasup?” Really, if a girl says that to a guy then he’ll just take it from there. It’s different times now. Women are independent and got they own money, they own everything, so you gotta get your own man now too. You don’t just have to be financially independent you could be mentally independent too, with your own mind. I like an independent woman because she’s bossed up but she knows how to let you still do the nice things for her that you want to do for her. It’s cool to be independent but the man should be like her partner. The right man isn’t gonna block her for doing what she gotta do he’s gonna help her.

That’s a nice perspective, most men complain that independent women can’t cook or don’t cater to them.

Women with that independent streak feel like they ain’t got to cook, but if you treat her right, she won’t be mad and you ain’t gotta worry about a thing. She’ll learn how to cook. You gotta keep a smile on her face and keep it stress-free. You gotta know how to take their bad day into a good day, even though it really ain’t got nothing to do with you. You have to know how to turn her frown into a smile and just be her man.

Since you describe yourself as a boss, what are your next career moves?

Yeah basically we got a tour right now, we’re putting together a tour, working on the next album and trying to branch out and explore different ventures like moving into movies.