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Valentine’s Day: From A Man’s Eye

What better way to know how a man really feels about Valentine’s Day than to ask a man? A man’s perspective on this holiday is very interesting. Let’s see what their take on the day is.


When Mateo actually has time to remember that it’s Valentine’s Day, he actually goes out off his way to make whichever woman in his life feel special. If you want to be his special woman, don’t expect the typical gift giving or dinner date. Mateo is past that, and he’s more into the grown and sexy aspects of V-Day. With a new single, “Say It's So,” getting a lot of air play, Mateo took the time out to let us Vixens know just what Valentine’s Day means to him.

What do you think about Valentine’s Day?
Valentine’s Day should be a day you get to show your appreciation. You should dress differently and even eat differently. The day should be special.

Can you describe your best Valentine’s Day that you planned for a woman?
I’m from Ohio, so there are no beaches. Since I was in Los Angeles at the time, I wanted to do a bonfire under the stars. I took a lady I was dating at the time to Santa Monica Beach. I had a picnic basket and a blanket. We had a good time. It was something different.

What do you think about gift-giving on V-Day?
Stay away from gift giving. Gifts are whack.

Have you ever used your voice to impress a girl on Valentine’s Day? Like wrote her a song and sang it to her?
I used to do things like that when I was young. I would sing a song to impress her. Now that I’m older, I just want to be normal. I would rather just have a good time.

So do you have plans this year for the big day of love?
Being that I’m so busy, I pretty much have neglected my personal life, so I will be most likely traveling. But I have some options just in case.

Raheem Devaughn
Raheem Devaughn is known for his love making music (“Customer” and “Bedroom”), so you would think that Valentine’s Day would be a breeze. That is not the case. There is a lot that comes with being an R&B crooner, which includes pressure and great expectations. To fit the occasion, Raheem is dropping some jewels on the day of love, and he’s also giving a special treat which is a new EP; Destination Loveland that’s actually coming out tomorrow for V-Day. Two treats in one. Raheem is such a charmer.

Did you remember that Valentine’s Day is coming up?
How the hell can I forget? I’m Cupid Valentino. The Love Guru. Valentine’s Day is like my birthday.

Being that you’re a R&B singer, do you find it to be a pressured situation when it comes to Valentine’s Day because of the lyrics in your songs?
I feel pressured all year round. When you drop a video like “Single,” women expect you to be Dirty Dickler every night. I can’t be that every night. But seriously, when I’m dating or courting a lady, it’s definitely a whole other level of expectation.

What was the most memorable Valentine’s Day that you’ve planned for a lady?
Well, if you’re my lady and you’re in my world like that… I can be very giving and Valentine’s Day could just feel like a regular day because I’m always giving. But one of the dopest things I’ve done was write a song for a lady along with all the other perks that come with it.

Has a lady ever done something special for you for V-Day?
Hmm. Not that I can think of. For a birthday, yes. But for Valentine’s Day? No.

Men can never answer this. Ladies need to step it up.
One thing about being an entertainer is that people assume that you have it all already. So with that being said, the holidays can really suck. But it’s the little things that matter the most. Something creative.

So what could a woman do to make you feel special on Valentine’s Day?
Just be creative and spontaneous. Surprise me.

Do you think women need to step it up for Valentine’s Day?
Well, it is a bit one-sided. I think it should be mutual though.  But it’s not about one day. It should be about everyday.  It should be more about love and having that communication, so that when you get to Valentine’s Day it’s not so much pressure.

Q Parker
It’s no wonder why Q Parker fit in so well with R&B group 112. He’s so into being a romantic and pleasing women that singing about it is just second nature. Q is a solo artist now, but when he’s paired with an exceptional woman on Valentine’s Day, there’s no telling what might happen. It’s a bit amazing that with a new eye-catching calendar out and promoting his new song, “Show You How,” that Q has any time to please a woman at all, but Mr. Parker definitely pulls all the stops to make sure his lady knows how exceptional she is.

Are you a romantic person?
I am a romantic. I’m the guy who is just trying to capture the romantic moment and not just for Valentine’s Day. I try to have these days more than just for the day it’s designed for.

So what do you like to do for Valentine’s Day?
I like to see a woman pampered and especially at the extent of my hands. So what I did, I brought the spa to my house. I did the manicure. I did the pedicure. I did the massage. I did the bath with the rose pedals and then dinner. To some, they might say this is typical, but if you add that to a year of events like this, it will just add to special aspect of it.

You sound like you really like Valentine’s Day.
My dad worked all the time, and my brother went to the service. I grew up in a house with my mom and my two sisters, so I learned the simplicities and desires of a woman at an early age. I just really believe that a man should take care of his woman totally.

If there were no limitations finances or time and you were going to plan the perfect Valentine’s Day, what would that day entail?
There would be nobody around me and this woman. I would cook a sexy meal. Have some roses and oils. Just some real one-on-one time. No Twitter or Facebook. Just us.

What’s your idea of a sexy meal?
If I could, I would like to make a nice lean steak. Some sort of greenery because I’m a health guy, and I need to promote health. I have the steak for the proteins, and we have to get all the vegetables in.

No carbs?
Hold on. We can probably have a few carbs. Maybe a little rice or something, but it has to be sexy. The way I plate it has to be sexy. And then after the dessert comes dessert. [Laughs]

Derek Blanks
Derek Blanks may not look familiar, but his work as a photographer is known to the masses. He’s the man behind the “Alter Ego” photography project. Derek is responsible for to capturing the best shots of celebrities like Kelly Rowland, Usher, Jennifer Hudson and Beyoncé. It’s time to take him from behind the scenes and put him front and center. He’s been married for 10 years, so his perspective on Valentine’s Day is a knowledgeable one. Let’s see how he does in the spotlight of love.

Do you and your wife celebrate Valentine’s Day?
We do. I try to celebrate every holiday because of my work ethic. I work a lot, so what ever she wants to do that will make her feel special, I try to make sure I do that.

You’ve been married for 10 years. That’s a lot of Valentine’s Days.
Yes. It is. A lot of times I have to push myself to be creative. I try to keep it fresh.

So what’s Valentine’s Day like for you?
The most memorable would be when my wife and I first started dating, I kept note of a lot of things we did. So for Valentine’s Day, I did a soundtrack and I called it something like, “Our Love.” But the soundtrack was images of us together, but it was laid out like a CD. The packaging was photos of us from over the time we met. She loved it, and she still has it to this day.

I can’t lie. I made a CD of love songs for an ex-boyfriend, but I didn’t finesse it like you. I just put it in a bag of Hershey Kisses.
I realized that it’s more valuable when you put the initiative in it. Of course, handbags are nice, but when you make something by hand and put your all in it just to show the love, it goes a lot further.

Has your wife done anything special for you on Valentine’s Day because a lot of men can’t say that a woman has?
That’s why I love my wife. She’s independent, but she doesn’t make everything all about her. I remember I came home, and she had rose pedals everywhere. She had white chocolate covered strawberries and white chocolate is my favorite. She had dinner, and she even made this huge Rice Krispie treat that was shaped in a heart. It was really nice because even though it was for me, it was something that we both could enjoy.

What would be the perfect Valentine’s Day for you and your wife?
The perfect Valentine’s Day would be a day when I would turn off my phone and all of my electronics. We could to an island or a resort where can just exile ourselves from modern technologies and just concentrate on us. Make it day just about our relationship. I know she would love that, and I think that would be most appreciated than any gift I can give.

BONUS! Verse Simmonds dishes on what he thinks could be the perfect V-Day!

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Dinah Jane Talks First World Solo Tour And New Music

After the release of her first solo EP in 2019, Dinah Jane is ready to embark on her first solo world tour.

Chatting with VIBE at Billboard's 2020 Power event, the former Fifth Harmony songstress shared her plans for the year, which include a tour alongside Agnez Mo and new music. Her EP Dinah Jane -1, presented a new direction for Jane who leaned into her vocal chops while showcasing her love for R&B.

"I was in a position where L.A. Reid gave me the power and stepped up for a project that I believed in. Just to have that kind of power meant the world to me," she said of the project which included the tracks "Fix It" and "Heard It All Before." "I'm so happy I came out with that mini project because it gave people a great introduction into who I am and what I'm about to step into and what I'm about to explore."

When it comes to new music, Jane has something in mind for the lovers and her dearest fans. "Missed A Spot," will release on Valentine's Day (Feb. 14) along with more new tunes. "I'm really excited because my fans have been with me since I could remember," she said."From dropping my first YouTube video when I was 11-years-old, this little stinky 7th grader who had like 20 views. Now that I'm 22, I've evolved into an actual musician, it really means a lot that my music can speak to people. I love that people are loving the music and I can't wait to give them more of it."

The U.S. portion of the tour begins in Phoenix, Ariz. on April 7.  Fans can currently purchase tickets for the North American dates on Dinah Jane's website.

"Being a solo artist now made it hard to define who I was because I was singing so many different styles before," Jane told VIBE in 2019. "I had to take time for me to really cope and understand what it is that I really want to come out as my true identity. When I dropped my first record "Bottled Up" it was more me transitioning from Fifth Harmony to myself, I really love that I took some downtime to understand who I was and who I want to be."

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