Valentine’s Day: From A Man’s Eye



When Mateo actually has time to remember that it’s Valentine’s Day, he actually goes out off his way to make whichever woman in his life feel special. If you want to be his special woman, don’t expect the typical gift giving or dinner date. Mateo is past that, and he’s more into the grown and sexy aspects of V-Day. With a new single, “Say It’s So,” getting a lot of air play, Mateo took the time out to let us Vixens know just what Valentine’s Day means to him.

What do you think about Valentine’s Day?
Valentine’s Day should be a day you get to show your appreciation. You should dress differently and even eat differently. The day should be special.

Can you describe your best Valentine’s Day that you planned for a woman?
I’m from Ohio, so there are no beaches. Since I was in Los Angeles at the time, I wanted to do a bonfire under the stars. I took a lady I was dating at the time to Santa Monica Beach. I had a picnic basket and a blanket. We had a good time. It was something different.

What do you think about gift-giving on V-Day?
Stay away from gift giving. Gifts are whack.

Have you ever used your voice to impress a girl on Valentine’s Day? Like wrote her a song and sang it to her?
I used to do things like that when I was young. I would sing a song to impress her. Now that I’m older, I just want to be normal. I would rather just have a good time.

So do you have plans this year for the big day of love?
Being that I’m so busy, I pretty much have neglected my personal life, so I will be most likely traveling. But I have some options just in case.