Valentine’s Day: From A Man’s Eye


Raheem Devaughn
Raheem Devaughn is known for his love making music (“Customer” and “Bedroom”), so you would think that Valentine’s Day would be a breeze. That is not the case. There is a lot that comes with being an R&B crooner, which includes pressure and great expectations. To fit the occasion, Raheem is dropping some jewels on the day of love, and he’s also giving a special treat which is a new EP; Destination Loveland that’s actually coming out tomorrow for V-Day. Two treats in one. Raheem is such a charmer.

Did you remember that Valentine’s Day is coming up?
How the hell can I forget? I’m Cupid Valentino. The Love Guru. Valentine’s Day is like my birthday.

Being that you’re a R&B singer, do you find it to be a pressured situation when it comes to Valentine’s Day because of the lyrics in your songs?
I feel pressured all year round. When you drop a video like “Single,” women expect you to be Dirty Dickler every night. I can’t be that every night. But seriously, when I’m dating or courting a lady, it’s definitely a whole other level of expectation.

What was the most memorable Valentine’s Day that you’ve planned for a lady?
Well, if you’re my lady and you’re in my world like that… I can be very giving and Valentine’s Day could just feel like a regular day because I’m always giving. But one of the dopest things I’ve done was write a song for a lady along with all the other perks that come with it.

Has a lady ever done something special for you for V-Day?
Hmm. Not that I can think of. For a birthday, yes. But for Valentine’s Day? No.

Men can never answer this. Ladies need to step it up.
One thing about being an entertainer is that people assume that you have it all already. So with that being said, the holidays can really suck. But it’s the little things that matter the most. Something creative.

So what could a woman do to make you feel special on Valentine’s Day?
Just be creative and spontaneous. Surprise me.

Do you think women need to step it up for Valentine’s Day?
Well, it is a bit one-sided. I think it should be mutual though.  But it’s not about one day. It should be about everyday.  It should be more about love and having that communication, so that when you get to Valentine’s Day it’s not so much pressure.