Valentine’s Day: From A Man’s Eye


Q Parker
It’s no wonder why Q Parker fit in so well with R&B group 112. He’s so into being a romantic and pleasing women that singing about it is just second nature. Q is a solo artist now, but when he’s paired with an exceptional woman on Valentine’s Day, there’s no telling what might happen. It’s a bit amazing that with a new eye-catching calendar out and promoting his new song, “Show You How,” that Q has any time to please a woman at all, but Mr. Parker definitely pulls all the stops to make sure his lady knows how exceptional she is.

Are you a romantic person?
I am a romantic. I’m the guy who is just trying to capture the romantic moment and not just for Valentine’s Day. I try to have these days more than just for the day it’s designed for.

So what do you like to do for Valentine’s Day?
I like to see a woman pampered and especially at the extent of my hands. So what I did, I brought the spa to my house. I did the manicure. I did the pedicure. I did the massage. I did the bath with the rose pedals and then dinner. To some, they might say this is typical, but if you add that to a year of events like this, it will just add to special aspect of it.

You sound like you really like Valentine’s Day.
My dad worked all the time, and my brother went to the service. I grew up in a house with my mom and my two sisters, so I learned the simplicities and desires of a woman at an early age. I just really believe that a man should take care of his woman totally.

If there were no limitations finances or time and you were going to plan the perfect Valentine’s Day, what would that day entail?
There would be nobody around me and this woman. I would cook a sexy meal. Have some roses and oils. Just some real one-on-one time. No Twitter or Facebook. Just us.

What’s your idea of a sexy meal?
If I could, I would like to make a nice lean steak. Some sort of greenery because I’m a health guy, and I need to promote health. I have the steak for the proteins, and we have to get all the vegetables in.

No carbs?
Hold on. We can probably have a few carbs. Maybe a little rice or something, but it has to be sexy. The way I plate it has to be sexy. And then after the dessert comes dessert. [Laughs]