VIBE Vixen Cover Story: Meagan Good ‘More Than Just Hollywood’s Siren’


Your mind’s immediate response to Meagan Good may register her as a sexy siren. More times than not, audiences instantly assimilate any of the star’s new character roles to her previous acts as an enchanting seductress or dangerous temptress. But there seems to be a veil wrapped around the Hollywood veteran that hides the complexities of each new venture. Despite film after film alongside some award-winning entertainers, audiences fail to connect the grown up Good with her dramatic, breakout performance in Eve’s Bayou or recognize her ability to channel and relate to each woman’s story.

Psuedo-acting experts are only checking for Meryl Streep-style depth and Viola Davis-esque passion, but Good harps on paving a lane that speaks to young women, even if it’s in more sexually-driven ways. It seems that we wish to solely identify the brown-skinned beauty as the young girl trying to buy ice cream from Friday’s Big Worm, but at an ever-youthful and quite stunning 30 years old, the Los Angeles-born thespian looks to expand her well of talent by recording with the H.E.L.L.O Girls and assuming more leading lady performances.

On a recent Thursday, the confident Californication star hopped on the line following a trip to Sundance, giving us a true glimpse at her life’s new chapter. As she turns the page, she dishes about a new level of self-actualization, her hopes to star in a Whitney Houston biopic and the one time she might have went crazy over love. – Niki McGloster

Cover Photo Credit: Giuliano Bekor/CPi Syndication

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