VIBE Vixen: The Yes Ma’ams, Modern-Day Vanity 6??


Take three undeniably gorgeous gals, mix them with 80s-glam, nail them to the floor with cut-throat lyrics and booming basslines, top them off with in-your-face-sass, and you have The Yes Ma’ams! Offering soft-porn visuals at it’s best… Secret, Slander, Privacy (from left to right) are indeed a spectacle of organic fierceness. As their Twitter bio reassures, this is “What girls are made of…”

With a name like The Yes Ma’ams, anyone who doesn’t know the group (or their music) would perspectively think these girls would come off as completely arrogant and borderline bitchy, but such is not the case for the trio based in Atlanta, Ga. They’re actually fun and flirty… which comes across in their spunky music based on sexually suggestive themes.

“Only If I Say So,” a cut from the trio’s upcoming effort, offers the “new pop-funk” sound that has become a staple in today’s music scene, accompanied by in-your-face lyrics. “Touch me right there (Only if I say so)/Kiss me right there (Only if I say so)/If you wanna play the game then you gotta behave/ I know you wanna taste, but ahhh (Only if I say so),” they boost on the track.

“Vanessa,” just as energetic as the previous track, also warrants a listening to as the girls ‘slay’ their audience with seductive tones over an up-beat tempo.

Since most women tend to find their inner-sexy within music, female fans will undoubtedly identify more with a group like The Yes Ma’ams. But as always, image plays a major role in a definitive fanbase, so their sex appeal will enable the girls to win themselves countless male admirers as well.

If you’re an off-spring of the eighties, like myself, then it’s clear to you that The Yes Ma’ams exhibit many of the same characteristics (vocal style, music, lyrics etc) of early 1980’s group Vanity 6 (assembled by Prince).

But listening and looking closely, it’s obvious these girls may just possess something Vanity 6 didn’t. I can’t completely formulate ‘it’ into words just yet, but if the girls milk ‘it’ right, then ‘it’ will be clear, and hold a distinct advantage over their predecessors.

You can download their music at! Make sure to follow the girls on Twitter & Facebook. But in the meantime, you can play a few of their tracks right here on VIBE Vixen and tell us what you think!

? Only If I Say So ?

? Vanessa ?

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