VIBE VIXEN’s 3 Rules to a Healthy, Open Relationship

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Last night’s episode of Basketball Wives found Evelyn confronting Chad about infidelity rumors. Shockingly (or maybe not), audiences witnessed first hand that the soon-to-be bride was willing to accept Ochocinco’s wandering eyes and untamed Johnson. Ev was blatantly clear that she’d rather her fiancé to be honest about his rendezvous with women rather than find out later.

Is this the new healthy relationship?

Women have been conditioned, for some time now, to believe a man is born to cheat, especially if he’s of some high level social status. In the past few seasons of reality TV alone, we’ve watched Chrissy Lampkin and Emily B bear the brunt of cheating rappers, Jennifer Williams ditch a cheating ballplayer and catch rumors of Breezy and Karrueche’s new situation. Have relationships become a not-quite-monogamous commitment where cheating is not only acceptable but justified?

As Chrissy once alluded to during Love & Hip-Hop, as long as your man keeps drama away from your front door, all’s fair. If you’re running with this way of thinking, do you! But we’ve got a few rules to keep you from laying a Tami Roman-style smackdown on these hoes. –

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