VIXEN Boombox: Jade Alston Talks ‘Single On A Saturday Night’ + Toni Braxton Comparisons


With R&B slowly changing and conforming to mainstream influence–settling for intimate relationships with pop–it’s good to know that good ol’ feeling of R&B still remains present in an uncompromising way.

Introducing singer/songwriter Jade Alston. Hailing from Philly, she has been on the rise since she was 14 years old and has watched the industry evolve, applying it in her music while maintaining the essence of R&B. Her trademark of a voice meshes well with the fresh spirit entering the R&B realm, making Jade a force to be reckoned with.

Jade recently released her debut EP, Single On A Saturday Night exclusively via, and the effort features Grammy-nominated songwriter Claude Kelly, who co-wrote the lead single “Missing You Lately” while Grammy-winning producer Chuck Harmony also contributed to the project. The 10-track body of work tells the universal tale about a single woman on a Saturday night. Each track off the EP plays like a journal entry into Jade’s personal diary.

Get to know R&B’s latest newcomer as she properly introduces her self, talks about her latest release, her Toni Braxton comparisons and more.

VIBE VIXEN: If you were talking to R&B as a person, how would you introduce yourself?
JADE ALSTON: I’d say, ‘Waddup, homie, I’m your new biggest nightmare.’ [laughs]. Just kidding! I’d say, ‘What’s up R&B, let me introduce myself as your one of your biggest fans and hopefully future innovators.’

When did you realize that you had a special talent that could be shared with the world?
I’ve always wanted to sing, but I didn’t consider my talent special until very recently. I didn’t really have confidence in my voice because I wanted to sound like everyone else. I have a low voice and that took some getting used to. I wanted to sound like Beyoncé or Whitney Houston or Christina Aguilera. It wasn’t until this past year actually that I accepted my voice and my sound and made it special to me first. The fact that anyone else considers it special is extremely exciting and humbling to me.

What inspired the concept of Single on a Saturday Night?
I have gotten dumped! [Laughs] So of course I had to write a bunch of songs about it. The actual phrase was inspired by my favorite series/movie Sex and The City. Being newly single, I overdosed on the entire series at once, trying to cope [laughs], and one day the title just came to me. It’s actually a play off of one of Carrie Bradshaw’s best quotes. She says: ‘If you are single there is always one thing you should take out with you on a Saturday night… Your friends.’

A lot of people get a Toni Braxton vibe from your tone. How do you feel about the comparisons?
I love Toni Braxton! Her voice is so signature. She represents that sexy, sultry tone like Anita Baker, Phyllis Hyman and other similar, signature vocalists. So if I can come in and be the next great artist to have that lane, then I’ll definitely take it. It’s a huge compliment.

What’s next for Jade Alston?
My goal is to continue to grow awareness for my current project with visuals, live performances, tours, etc. Overall though, expect years and years of innovative, relatable music. That’s my personal challenge for myself.

Be sure to listen and download Jade Alston’s Single on a Saturday EP here.