Vixen Chat: Faatemah Talks Working with Celebs, Future Reality Show + Life’s Balance


The gift of creating a masterpiece with your bare hands is an ability like no other. Faatemah has been blessed to craft and shape hair to make it beautiful, the way a woman’s hair should look. With a dream of being relevant and not famous, the award-winning hair stylist has worked with numerous notable publications from Ebony to Essence and has created some of the looks you see hitting runways and photo shoots today.

VIBE Vixen caught up with the busy hair stylist veteran to chat about how she got to where she is now, and how she tries to be the best that she can in all aspects of life.

VV: What are you working on currently?
FAATEMAH: Currently I just got done doing the Betsey Johnson show. I met Betsey, and she is a wonderful person. She complimented me right away on my style, which I felt completely flattered about. I also just wrapped up Daphne Guinness who is a fashionista, and she did a tribute to Alexander McQueen. Moving forward, I’ve been doing lots of speaking engagements for different companies such as Target. I know it’s weird because I’m a hairdresser, but I’m definitely more of a personality at this point in my career because I have a lot to talk about. So I’m really excited about women and making them beautiful and celebrating our femininity. I came from the kitchen and a poor family and now I make six figures, so I have a lot to talk about. I’m very ambitious, and I want to share my story with people and give them hope that they can change their situation if they believe in themselves.