Vixen Chat: Faatemah Talks Working with Celebs, Future Reality Show + Life’s Balance


Have you always done hair?
No, I didn’t always do hair, I actually didn’t comb my own hair until about 9th grade; I was a big tomboy. Then high school happened and his name was Michael Turner, and I decided I should comb my hair because he didn’t seem to notice me. So hair was not always apart of who I was, but it was apart of my family culture. I grew up in a family that did a lot of braiding and afro-centric styles. I was definitely an artist early on; I loved music, poetry, painting and anything to do with my hands.

What is your come-up story?
I’m from a broken family; my mom was a single parent, and I actually dropped out of college to pursue hair. My mom spent her whole life sending us to private school and wanting me to get an education, and she just didn’t think that I’d be able to make it as an artist. She didn’t consider [hairstyling] artistry. If I had dreamed 15 years ago when I started doing hair that I’d be living the life I am now, I would’ve never imagined that I’d be traveling and that Tyson Beckford would be in my cell phone. It’s pretty cool; I can’t believe it. I always pursued being relevant and what I’ve learned is fame helps with relevancy, so people seem to listen to you when your famous. It’s not necessarily that I was chasing fame when I decided to go on Bravo or to win the awards that I have, but I wanted to be relevant. I wanted to make what I do important, and I hope that people remember more of me than just doing hair.