Vixen Chat: Faatemah Talks Working with Celebs, Future Reality Show + Life’s Balance


Do you ever think that you’ll have the cameras follow you for a reality TV show?
You know that is actually a question that may be answered really soon. I have a meeting with a really high profile network, and there’s definitely some talks about cameras following me.

How exactly do you balance being a mom, being a professional and having a busy schedule?
I use to try to be a superwoman, but someone gave me some really good advice. Any time I’m with someone famous I try to ask them questions that relate to my life. Holly Robinson Peete has a son with autism and she’s done a lot, so I said, ‘How do you keep it all balanced?’ She said, ‘Well, honey, there is no such thing as balance. You just do the best you can with any circumstance on any given day. You just try your best, and that’s going to have to be good enough.’ I took that advice and some days, I’m an awesome mom and some days I’m a better hairdresser. It still works out. I’m doing the best that I can and I’m happy.