Vixen Chat: Fashion Designer Kiki Peterson Talks K.Milele, Urban Fashion + Fashion Classics


Kiki Peterson has created, designed and relaunched several clothing brands over the span of her 19-year fashion career, notably Rocawear, Sean John and House of Dereon. With a keen eye for apparel, a knack for targeting the every day Vixen woman and always following her heart, Peterson is now set to launch K.Milele, her first women’s collection. Deriving from her full name Kianga Milele–meaning “sunbeam everlasting”–the sassy yet bold collection will be a contemporary take on the bossy type. Admit it, ladies: Whether it’s for a night out with friends or a board meeting with the suits, we want to feel great in what we wear as well as accentuate our young womanly essences.

Because Kiki has lent her know-how and creative balance to several avenues in this way, Grey Goose will honor her as a Rising Icon in Fashion. VIBE Vixen chats with the honoree about the new fashion venture, what celebs should wear her threads and what major moves she was making at 19. -Niki McGloster