Vixen Chat: Jewelry Designer Dana Faith


Accessories and jewelry have always been a Vixen’s best friends. Whether it be a ring, earring, necklace or bracelet, a dash of glamour adds sophistication and spunk to any look. Dana Faith, a downtown New York City designer, offers an eclectic line of handmade one-of-a kind jewelry right at your fingertips.

With prices starting at $100, the collection incorporates handmade twisted wire jewelry, using precious metals mixed with semi-precious stones. From working with the legendary designer Vera Wang to having celebrities like JoJo and Kelly Ripa wearing her designs, the brand is sure to become a household name. The accomplishment of having designs featured in the top magazines such as InStyle, People, Glamour and Lucky is beyond impressive and only showcases that Dana is here to take the design industry with her jewels.

VIBE Vixen had a little chat with Dana Faith, and she dished on the light, delicate and feminine collection she has created.