Vixen Chat: Jewelry Designer Dana Faith

VIBE VIXEN: What kind of woman does Dana Faith represent?
DANA FAITH: Every woman! My jewelry is a timeless, iconic luxury brand that fits every woman’s style. Our line is extremely wearable and has current, yet lasting attributes. Women wear my jewelry to complete their look with a sense of youthfulness and ease.

Why did you choose to do twisted wire jewelry as opposed to any other formation?
I have always loved the feel of antique jewelry and was really inspired by a piece my grandfather had made for my grandmother for their anniversary! I feel it represents a sense of timelessness.

If there was one celebrity you could design a piece for, who it be and on what magazine cover?
Oh wow, that’s a tough one! It would be between Beyoncé and Jennifer Aniston on the cover of, what else? VOGUE! They are both very strong women who represent independence, beauty and effortless style!
If you could collaborate with any brand or designer in the industry, who would it be?
I would definitely collaborate with Vera Wang! I worked with Vera for many years and learned my craft from her. I considered her my mentor and I will always look up to Vera in that way!
What projects are you working on for 2012?
I am currently working on my new collection for Fall! Lots of recent developments in my life have inspired new designs which I’m very excited for! I will soon be launching a men’s collection as a tribute to my late grandfather, whose legacy I wish to carry on throughout my career. My other projects? Well, for now, I will be keeping those a secret 😉