Vixen Chat: Mýa Talks New Album ‘K.I.S.S,’ Sex + Fitness


It’s been quite some time since the songstress graced the airwaves with her melodic sounds, even though she’s been taking beauty to the streets and kicking up a storm with her music in Japan. But in case you missed the memo, Grammy Award-winning singer Mýa, is back in action with her new LP K.I.S.S, giving everyone a dose of old school flavor with a new school twist. K.I.S.S cooks up a few techno and upbeat bangers with singles such as “Somebody Come Get This Bitch” and “Earthquake” featuring Trina finishing off with a few love songs and motivating hits exuding Mýa’s effortless and angelic sound. Expect an earful of hits followed by visuals later on this year. We haven’t seen her put her trained dancing skills to the test since Dancing With The Stars, but of course you didn’t expect a new album without seeing her dance up a storm in a new video, right?

It was 2007 when we last spoke with Mýa when she graced the cover of our Summer Beauty Issue wherein she gave us a close personal look into her love life, dishing on a few toxic relationships she stuck only to become liberated. Tapping her inner and outer sexy in the likes of Roberto Cavalli, Versace and Sergio Rossi, she served up a couple vogue-esque poses in the issue. Recently, Mýa revealed that we are in-sync besides our shared Libra sign, with a common love for Dolce & Gabbana and Giuseppe Zanotti designs which we love to step out on the town flaunting.

Like many women out there, she’s had her fair share of frogs and is still waiting for “Mr. Incredible” to sweep her off her feet with a kiss. But for now she’s keeping it sexy simple, still making sure that if she has 99 problems, a man ain’t one. In our recent chat with Mýa, the songstress discussed her new album, thoughts on the current music scene, advice she’d give to her younger self and how she manages to keep her incredible body fit. – Kamille Cooper