Vixen Chat: Mýa Talks New Album ‘K.I.S.S,’ Sex + Fitness


We’ve been rocking with you ever since you first dropped onto the scene with It’s All About Me, so of course we made it our mission to pick up your latest album K.I.S.S. What would you say is your inspiration behind K.I.S.S, and what role did you play in the artistic development of it?
K.I.S.S. was inspired by the place that I’m in right now in life, personally and professionally. It stands for “Keep It Sexy & Simple.” I don’t care for excessive, unnecessary drama & negative energy. I function properly, feel better, do better, look better and treat others better when there’s less clutter. Positive energy and attitude is sexy to me.

As the artist, I wrote, co-wrote, engineered and vocally produced a bulk of this album. As an executive producer, I scouted the producers, assembled & selected which songs made the cut, arranged the track listing and saw every process through from the mixing and mastering to the art direction, album layout and more.

What’s your favorite song(s) off the album?

Favorite Slow Jam: “Can I” produced by Snatch & Grab

Favorite Substance Record: “Evolve” produced by Lee Major

Favorite Club Banger: “Earthquake” featuring Trina produced by Young Yonny