Vixen Chat: Mýa Talks New Album ‘K.I.S.S,’ Sex + Fitness


Let’s talk a little about your fitness routine because you have a nicely toned body many of us would die for. What kind of fitness tips and advice can you suggest?
Cardio is great. Elliptical, treadmill, biking and swimming, but that can be so boring. I find myself taking the stairs versus the elevator, when I can’t necessarily get to a gym. But I think keeping it fun, so it doesn’t feel like such a task, is where us ladies can feel motivated and be consistent. Grab a girlfriend or two, take a Zumba class, a pole class, go roller-skating. Have a girl’s night and play some Wii [fitness games], if the gym is not your deal. You’d be surprised on how things tone up from simple fun.

How about the Master Cleanse? How effective is that in helping someone shed a few pounds?
The master cleanse is not for everyone and can be very dangerous. I’d suggest getting a professional nutritionist to create a meal plan based on their body and lifestyle. 

How do you maintain such flawless skin? I’m sure it has a lot to do with diet?
H20 is essential. There’s absolutely no soda in my diet. Lots of fruits and vegetables, and I stay away from fried foods. Basic skin care is secondary.

Lastly, what do you think makes a Vixen?
A Vixen possesses confidence–quiet or loud. Her inner fire speaks volumes on the outside.

Be sure to pick up “K.I.S.S” and Mya’s latest single “Mess Up My Hair” on iTunes HERE