Vixen of the Day: Jasmin “Gloss Da Boss” Blagmon


Name: Jasmin “Gloss Da Boss” Blagmon
Age: 21
Location: Atlanta, GA
Occupation: Rapper/Singer/Entertainer
Style: Sexy Sophistication
Beauty Fave I Can’t Live Without: Lip Gloss
Inspired By: My mother continuously inspires me because she was my first example of how I should carry myself as a woman. She is also beautiful with a gracious spirit. Oprah Winfrey amazes me in what she’s been able to accomplish with her gifts — she is an inspiring human being. Beyonce’ for her musical talent and business acumen.

A Vixen is…
What makes me a Vixen is that I exude sexiness and confidence while remaining a lady. A Vixen has a strong inner sprit, as well as faith in herself and God. I believe a Vixen is a boss who handles business and that’s how I see myself!

Photo Credit: Vital ENT