Vixen Watch: Crystal Reneé


Hailing from the small town of Martin, Tennessee, Crystal Reneé seems to have formulated out of nowhere. The unsigned singer has released her debut single, “I F*ckin Love You,” sending a direct message to the couples out there: love hard.

“The video portrays a woman taking the time out of her busy schedule to show how much she really loves her man. Too often we get lost in out jobs, and in our ‘grinds, that we neglect the ones that hold us down. So in the video, I took the time to cook for my man. I played ball with him. we played video games, etc. I was portraying the woman I felt many guys’ dream of having–just a cool down-to-earth female.”

The lucky newcomer played Pooch Hall’s dream girl, as a matter of fact. Starring beside the cocoa-skinned actor, Reneé expresses her love sans the sappiness.

“When you can’t even describe how much you love someone… it’s like, ‘Yo, I don’t just love you… I F*CKIN’ LOVE YOU!!’ -­ it’s just an indescribable level of love.”

We’re not mad at this Vixen at all! While her style isn’t über distinctive or trendsetting, it’s cute and worth the watch. Check out her video below and share your thoughts!