Wealthy Man Who Adopted Girlfriend as Daughter Gets Sued by Biological Children

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Earlier this month we reported some peculiar news about a wealthy Florida man named John Goodman who adopted his 42-year-old girlfriend as his daughter. His actions were to protect his money, but it looks like he won’t be getting off so easy.

Goodman must now battle with his teenaged children who wants the adoption thrown out. The Palm Beach Post reports that the guardian of Goodman’s children are taking lawsuit action because he defrauded the court, surprised the teenagers’ mother and abused adoption rules by taking on his main squeeze as his legal daughter. 

Goodman’s intial reason for adopting his girlfriend was to save himself from being sued for killiing Scott Wilson in a car accident back in February 2010. 

The entire situation is becoming extremely messy, Goodman should’ve just did what he was supposed to do in the beginning instead of taking the easy way out.