Wendy Williams Breaks Down While Speaking on Whitney Houston’s Death

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Who knew Wendy Williams had a soft side? Despite some differences Wendy has had with Whitney in the past, she decided to dedicate an entire segment of her show to the late singer. In an intimate and emotional confession, Wendy burst into tears after re-visiting old memories of Whitney Houston, including the infamous radio interview from back in 2003 where Whitney verbally attacked Williams after being asked about her alleged crack addiction. ( Click here for part 1 and part 2 of that interview).

Wendy also shared what she and Whitney both had in common, which is substance abuse.

“I remember waiting on Jerome Avenue in the Bronx, getting drugs” says Wendy. “I’m not proud of the girl I was,” Williams continued. “But without being that girl, I wouldn’t be the woman that i am today. So if it makes any sense to you, I have no regrets. There’s one thing throughout it all. My connection with Whitney…that I wished for us both to be really sober and really aware and I knew I would meet her one day…I always pictured that time to be in our late 50s, 60s with her being the number-one spokesperson for “Say no.” I just for some reason thought that that’s what she would do. It’s what I want to do. I just thought we would meet, and we would hug and we would be sober and older and…”

Wendy also told viewers that they would have to catch coverage on other shows/networks because she refuses to speak on the Whitney’s death after today’s show.

Could it be Wendy’s guilt for how she treated the late singer that made her break down, or is she too just emotionally broken by this tremendous loss because they have more in common than people think? –Talim Adderly