What She Say? Kim Kardashian: “I Will Never Date Another Football Player”


It’s no secret Kim loves the athletes, but she may have finally hung up her love for the hardest men on the turf. Recently rumors have been circulating that Kim’s involved with New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez and the Denver Bronco’s great savior Tim Tebow, and others have even speculated that Reggie Bush got that old thing back now that she’s a free agent, but according to sources closest to Kim, she’s over it.

Kim was reportedly so broken up over her 2010 breakup with Reggie that she’s sworn off football players for good and has no plans to go back on her word. Maybe she thought basketball players would be different, but considering this Kris Humphries disaster, I wonder if she’ll throw the deuces to all NBA players next?

Do you think Kim is really done with football disasters?