What To Do NOW To Avoid Graduation Blues THEN


It’s almost here. The last four years of your life are flying and you’re realizing that you may not be prepared for what’s after graduation. Economically, and quite often emotionally, entering the “real world” is harder than ever right now. Not only do you have to worry about the recession, but you’re in the midst of competition with previous graduates still looking for work and all of the military who just back from overseas. It’s no joke!

The workforce is filling up fast, and it’s a fight to get a spot. So, enjoy your spring break, study hard for your last set of midterms and finals, but certainly prepare for what’s to come. Although nothing can prepare you for the emotional roller coaster you will endure, these five tips certainly will help you avoid those awful graduation blues.

1. Network
By now, this little tidbit of advice has been drilled into your brain. If you meet someone important in the field that you are interested in, stay connected! Mingling as an intern at your dream company and attending social events go a long way. Once you make a lasting impression on someone with your wit or charm, take the person on as a mentor and when the time is right they can use their contacts to help you get your dream job. Plus, you never know who your family members may know. It just might be a person in the industry you’re looking to work in. By simply opening your mouth and networking with the right people, you will win!