What To Do NOW To Avoid Graduation Blues THEN


2. Be Creative
Résumés are no longer the Times New Roman, black and white document you once thought it was. Remaining professional is key, but it’s important to do something creative, so that the employer says “Wow, I’ve got to get this person in for an interview.” If you can create a customized logo for the top of your résumé or specialized package with colors and designs catered to the company you’re interested in, you won’t go by unnoticed.

3. Start Early
As soon as your senior year started, you should’ve begun rounding up the companies you want to work for. But, you still have time! It’s never too late to send out résumés and fill out applications. Although the degree is not yet at hand, it will be very soon. Remember, you’re competing with millions of other people for the same position, so the earlier you start, the more successful you will eventually be.