What To Do NOW To Avoid Graduation Blues THEN


4. Stay Positive
Once you graduate, there is a brief high. Then once August and September roll around, you get tired of being at home, wanting to go out and make your own money in a degree-required career. Post-college depression is REAL, and it can have you moping around the house hoping for a call back from someone, anyone! Having faith, remaining positive and knowing that God will take care of everything is key here. I know being a positive Jane is annoying to others at times, but hey, something has got to give. If you speak that you will get a job into existence and actually believe in it, it will happen and you will land one.

5. Learn To Ignore Your Parents (A Little)
Let’s just say you chose a route different than what your parents or guardian wanted you to pursue. Parents will nag you until death saying, “Told you that wasn’t a great career choice,” “You’re not going to make any money in what you just got your degree in” and “Why don’t you get a job in retail, it doesn’t look like anything will be coming your way.” All of these little snide remarks from parents are hard to ignore, but try not to let them get to you. If you surround yourself with a positive circle who motivates you, that’s all you need. Once you do land a job in the field you have been searching for, you can throw it in your parents’ faces politely and say, “Told you so.”

Good luck on your search, Grads!