Whitney, We Wish You Well


I respected all of what she gave to us but forgot to continually pay homage or feed her music to today’s generation. Only in these last few days have I been able to verbalize what I forgot she and the songs she sung meant to my life. Music is funny that way; it’s a very “right now” type of thing. She got lost in the current state of iTunes playlist. Still, our lioness Whitney resurfaced and even released critically acclaimed final albums, but few kept in step with her recovery. A lot of us truly forgot to pray for this artist who gave her life to entertaining and inspiring us. She gave little black girls confidence, she made little black singers want chart-topping, worldwide success and she provided a down-to-earth kindness that made any young girl watching believe in miracles, indeed. Shit, Whitney easily schooled us about life and love in a matter of minutes during any ballad or uptempo cut.

Even in her last days, she still administered some of those things to those around her. A few clips from Grammy Weekend show her a bit frazzled, visibly still fighting demons but lovable, kind. However, all is forgiven. Now, we wish to only see the positive light she shined for so many years alongside timeless legends. Today, I pray that Whitney finds paradise away from this place. Unfortunately, my wish for her true wellness comes when I know she’ll indeed find it, but I’m secure in knowing how she enriched my youth and touched so many others. Those memories will forever be etched in my life’s book, and on account of all that, I believe God has finally given her the complete solace she deserves.

Rest in peace, Whitney Houston.