Who Were J. Cole and Lupe Fiasco’s Grammy Dates?

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Fuse TV’s Toure’ caught up with rappers and Grammy nominees Lupe Fiasco and J. Cole on the red carpet of last night’s 54th annual Grammy Awards.

Coincidentally, both rappers came with their mothers in tow. During an interview with the MCs and their mothers, Toure’ asked both moms about the excitement of having sons as rappers—both are very proud.

”It’s amazing,” said Fiasco’s mom. “With the stuff he was writing at age 12 and 13 I would find his tablets around and was like you can’t say that.”

Cole’s mother mimics the same accolades for her son and said she just wanted him to be a writer in some form.

“Certainly rap is a form of poetry,” Cole’s mom said. “He was always making things happen…I had to nurture that.” J

J. Cole went on to confess his crush for the late Whitney Houston during the time of her starring role in The Bodyguard. –Johnathan Cruse