Why Do (Most) Men Cheat?


Award-winning producer, singer and songwriter Verse Simmonds has made a pit stop here on VIBE Vixen. The “Boo Thang” crooner will be contributing a blog to our site every Monday for the month of February. Because this is what we can call The Love Month, the BuVision/Def Jam signee will touch on love, sex and relationships from a man’s point of view, of course! He’ll be dishing on what the ladies want to know, need to know and just desire a man’s insight about. Get into it….

As far back as I can remember, this has been a question that people have been looking for an answer to, and as crazy as it may sound, to me the answer is very easy to see. Why do most men cheat?! Welp, the reason is because men aren’t committed to the pussy! LOL, harsh I know, but let’s keep it all the way real. We separate emotion from sex, and most men will substitute an emotional encounter with his significant other for a quickie with a bad bitch in an empty parking lot (please excuse the “man talk”). Another major factor in a man cheating is his options. DUH!

For, you ladies that love Mr. Popular or Mr. Bad Boy, think about everything that you like about him. (I’ll wait! Katt Williams voice). Okay, that’s exactly what every other woman likes about him as well! And let’s be honest, women don’t make cheating any harder. It’s like women are battling each other but complaining about it at the same time. For some reason, once a man has a lady, he then becomes more attractive to other women SMH. He could have been trying his whole damn life to get with this one girl, but some females only see the value of having him once she knows that someone else has him. And the man, like the simple-minded creatures that we are, would most likely still try it out to see if it was worth the wait.

I spoke to one of my female friends, and she’s like most women I’ve spoken to about this. She believes that this outlook is total bullshit and that men can control these urges for other women if they wanted to. What I have been trying to explain to her is that from the time that a man is born until he has found the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with, he is taught, told and trained to chase after women; this is what men do. The issue with this isn’t that men shouldn’t chase women because it is, of course, necessary for human existence. It’s the fact that women think that once we find that woman our entire mind frame–from birth to the time we decide to commit to a relationship–is supposed to all of a sudden change. The idea of that doesn’t even sound possible! But lets break it down a little more: While us men were being told not to settle down too early and to play the field as much as possible, the complete opposite was being told to women which is basically find a husband while you’re young, get married and start a family. It’s no wonder why men are afraid to commit LOL!