Why Do (Most) Men Cheat?


Men by nature are hunters like any other animal. We all have built-in triggers that we sometimes don’t even realize that we have. Visualize this: a woman walks by a man looking good and smelling even better. What does he do? You guessed it! Nine out of 10 times that man will pretty much watch her walk on by until he cant see her in his sight anymore. Unless of course she’s not as bad as he thought she would be (we call that the swindle haha). Now wide screen that same visual and add 10 men to the same scenarios, and nine out of that 10 will do the same thing. The one that does not is either right next to his girl trying figure out how to sneak a peak, or he’s watching one of the guys looking at the woman walk by if you catch my drift. If you’re wondering how that relates to animal-like behavior, well it’s simple. Take a brand new tennis ball and throw it past a dog. See if that four-legged pooch we all love doesn’t run as fast as his little legs can take him to catch it, even if it means risking getting run over by on-coming traffic. The point is that it’s instinctive, and for the dog to not chase that ball, he must either be trained not to or he is too old and lazy to–MUCH LIKE MEN! It makes me wonder if these instincts were put into men purposely for the sake of procreation, seeing as though there are so many more women than men. If every man was to only be with one woman, how fruitful could we really be as a humans? (I actually read that somewhere and wondered if it was true).

Now in no way am I saying that cheating is the right thing to do cause hurting someone you’re supposed to be protecting and loving isn’t cool. Then again, most men don’t factor in the fact that he may be hurting someone, because as men we think she will never find out and this is more proof of how simple we really are because SHE ALWAYS FINS OUT! I just wanted to give a better understanding to women so that you know what it is we are all up against when it comes to this matter. Instead of continuously asking “why,” this may be able to help you figure out how to prevent it. Either way these are just my thoughts wrong or right, what are yours? Til next time… [email protected]VERSESIMMONDS