Why It’s Necessary to Be Friends First


Award-winning producer, singer and songwriter Verse Simmonds has made a pit stop here on VIBE Vixen. The “Boo Thang” crooner will be contributing a blog to our site every Monday for the month of February. Because this is what we can call The Love Month, the BuVision/Def Jam signee will touch on love, sex and relationships from a man’s point of view, of course! He’ll be dishing on what the ladies want to know, need to know and just desire a man’s insight about. Get into it….

How in love with love are you? This is a question I think people should ask themselves when they think they are in love for the thousandth time. Personally, I think being in love is a miracle and an even bigger miracle if it happens more than once–kinda like lightning striking twice in the same place. God has assigned one soul mate to each person and you could find that person out of all the millions of people in the world; there has to be something magical about that. I say that to say this: I believe we at times are so in love with the idea of being in love that we forget about the things that matter most when trying to keep a healthy relationship. One thing that I feel is often overlooked is the friendship aspect of most relationships. People tend to hop right in, feet first. I honestly feel the best way to establish a meaningful relationship is to establish a friendship first.