Why It’s Necessary to Be Friends First


There is no way you could know the potential of a relationship, if you don’t even really know who your partner really is–good, bad, inside and out. You have to be willing to accept them exactly the way they are, just as you would do with any other BFF. The only difference is the sexual nature of the relationship.

Ever wonder why you have had the same friends growing up and throughout most of your life but have jumped from one relationship to another?

A major factor is because we set restrictions and rules on our significant others that we don’t set on most of the people that we may consider our closest friends, allowing them to be a lot more real and upfront about who they are. Just imagine if you got to know the person you’re with that well! The sky’s the limit!

So instead of trying to change the person you are with, figure out who they really are and build from there. Either way, even if the relationship as lovers doesn’t work, you may at least be able to keep a great friendship. No one changes because you want them to but because they actually see a change in themselves that needs to be made. It takes a long time to truly get to know someone, and it becomes even more of a task when that person is on their best behavior trying to impress you. Sooner or later, that foot starts to get tired, and that’s where really getting to know someone and really being friends first comes into play.

Those are my thought. What are yours?