Why NOT Having a Valentine Matters


Since the days of St. Valentine (whom the holiday is named after), the requirement to have a valentine has dwindled, especially for women. At a time where Valentine’s Day is seen more as a commercialized holiday for candy and flower companies to profit from, the fourteenth of February is an excuse to distinguish the single from the sappy and not offer solace to the former. While some might opt to spend tonight reading romance novels and eating boxes of chocolates by themselves, there are actually great reasons why not having a valentine does matter. -Adelle Platon

Independent women never need anything, especially a valentine.

Valentine’s Day is a tiny calendar label that gets written over in an already-filled planner for today’s working women. Busy business beauties don’t evade the holiday, but they sure as hell won’t spend their day sulking. According to a March 2011 “Women at Work” report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, numbers suggest that young women now earn 8% more than their male counterparts, which means ladies are starting to bring in more of the paycheck. If President Obama was too busy running the country on February 14th or planning a $3.8 trillion budget plan proposed the day before, there is little doubt Michelle Obama would spend her Valen-time waiting for Barack to come home rather than use the free time to hang out with Bo and her daughters or fight against child obesity.