Why NOT Having a Valentine Matters


Heartbroken women seem to be more successful.
At the Grammy Awards, Adele snatched up six golden record players for her hit “Rolling in the Deep” and 21 album, including Best Record of the Year and Best Album of the Year. Inspired by her money-seeking ex, the heartbreak compilation earned her adoration from artists and fans of nearly every genre. A blue-do’d Katy Perry, who is also known for giving a musical finger to her exes, performed her new single “Part Of Me” which was decked with insinuating blows to her ex-husband Russell Brand. Rihanna brought the supposed-Chris-Brown-inspired “We Found Love” to the Grammy audience (Breezy included), the lamenting lover’s anthem for both the clubgoers and Caribbean island natives that has killed radio rotations around the world. It’s safe to say that these women at their single prime were more concerned about their passions than their valentines.