Willow Smith and Her Bald Head: Why Jada and Will Have It Right



Willow SmithWhile many are rolling their eyes at what they feel is a sign of a young girl gone wild and parents gone crazy, maybe, just maybe, it’s a parenting technique that many of us should implement with our own daughters. It’s entirely possible that allowing our girls to grow into their individuality and purpose without the constraints of a society that only leaves room for them to be virgins or whores is something that we should seriously consider.

True, Willow’s tendency to speak to adults — such as her infamous Oprah interview during which she called the business mogul Giiirrrl!” and the media’s head exploded — is a little on the sit yo ass down somewhere little girl side, but her spontaneity and ability to know exactly who she at such a young age is something that should be encouraged, not suppressed.

Think about it. How many of us didn’t find out exactly who we were as women until we left home at 18-years-old and proceeded to go through men and money like there was no tomorrow in search of that illusive independence?

How many of us still don’t know?

There are many young girls who a need a lesson in common sense; but, there are just as many grown women who have absolutely no understanding of the term. From my perspective, it all falls back to not being allowed to express themselves in a healthy, structured environment where parents were there to catch them if they made mistakes. Freedom of creative expression doesn’t equal not having home-training. Yes, we need to ensure that our girls have positive role models. Yes, they need to be instilled with that old-school wisdom that nothing is open past midnight but hospitals and legs so they had better be home before we have to come looking for them. What they do not need is for us to pigeon-hole them into that small box labeled “How Young Girls Should Act.”

Are many of our girls out of control? Absolutely. Still, lack of parenting and parenting that takes who our children are as individuals into consideration are two very different beasts.

So, you go ‘head Willow, whip your bald head back and forth and kudos to Jada and Will for having the courage to allow you to do so.

Maybe, if we take heed to their example, there won’t be so many young girls trying to identify with who they think grown women are supposed to be by paying attention to stereotypical images that define us in mainstream media.