Wiz Khalifa Brings His ‘Taylor Allderdice’ Mixtape to NYC

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The leader of the Taylor Gang is back on the scene after almost a year since his debut album dropped. Last night, Wiz Khalifa hosted a listening party for his upcoming mixtape at Jungle City Studios in New York City. Named after the Pittburgh native’s high school alma mater, Taylor Allderdice is slated for a March 13th release. Before letting his guests (which included Juicy J, Mac Miller and and Chevy Woods) hear his work, Wiz vowed that the mixtape could be enjoyed doing any number of things. “You can ride to this, smoke to this, get trippy to this,” he said. “But you can clean to this, cook to this, iron to this.”

Of course, the party was filled with plenty to drink, and even more to smoke. Though too early to tell, what can be heard of Allderdice sounds like a strong comeback for Wiz, with features by Cam’ron and Juicy J. One thing is for certain, however, he is still boasting about his “high life:”

Nigga like me be smokin’ while I’m drivin’/
Gettin’ higher than The Bee Gees and we both just stayin’ alive and/
Watchin’ the time go by, climbin’/
Told you I’d get enough hash to make a mountain/
And you can sit right on ya ass, doubtin’/
While I’m somewhere rollin’ up grass, goin’ up where the clouds is

–Iyana Robertson