Working With Your Ex


and Chris Brown have already set the standard for best relationship formula not to follow. Even if they exude sexiness in a way many artists have yet to master or create music that tops the charts, the two former flames have made a controversial pair, together and separated.

Last weekend’s Grammys marked the third anniversary of the occurrence that tore the two apart. As heard in their recent albums, RiRi and Breezy have never fully gotten over their breakup or had the chance to sulk in private. It took a restraining order, a shattered window on a morning news show and a club-banger heartbreak anthem to prove it.

Now three years later, sources say the two are reuniting in the name of music, something not witnessed since their “Umbrella” collaboration. The media is on high alert for the release of a remix on one of the better Talk That Talk tracks, “Birthday Cake.” The ex-couple was also reportedly seen arriving together at Rihanna’s birthday party earlier this week. But the only people who seem to be celebrating their “platonic” reunion is them.

This has VIBE Vixen wondering: is it ever a good thing to work with your ex? Before you do (or do again in Rihanna’s case), ask yourself these simple “yes, hell no, or secretly maybe” questions to avoid a controversial mess. –Adelle Platton