Working With Your Ex


Are you really over the relationship?
Just because you chucked the deuces to your relationship however long ago, you’ll never forget the way a person from your past made you feel, especially if you’re Ms. Fenty or Mr. Brown and you have the emotions preserved in a musical catalogue. You may have given back, burned or tucked away in a box all the tangible items that were given to you from your ex, but the emotional residue lingers even if the cards and stuffed animals are nowhere in sight. Working with an ex only worsens these suppressed feelings because it resurrects the. Only until you are able to be in the same room with an ex and feel no inklings of romance or remorse about the past will you be able to work with the person on a professional level.

Does working together excite you more than the actual project?
If the priority lies in making sure he notices how much you’ve changed so that he or she may want to pick up where the both of you left off, you may want to rethink your motives. Don’t let the project be the reason that shrouds your true feelings about collaborating with your former half. Focus on the goal and be clear about each of your contributions. Success isn’t spelled with an ex.