Working With Your Ex


Do you still hang out with your ex after the project is completed?
Carrying the one always helps solve problems in math, but in relationships, no logic can be deducted from adding extra baggage, especially old ones. As busy women with little time to waste, always double-check the amount of time you spend on someone else, ‘specifically an ex. It is hard to pinpoint the exact beginning and end of Rihanna and Chris Brown’s recording process, but the suspicion that the two spend quality time together is enough to assume that their relationship extends beyond the music.

Are you okay with the contact ending once the collaboration is done?
Maybe you embarked on a new endeavor with your ex, not realizing that once the work is over, it’s back to a normal reality sans him or her. Before beginning the project, visualize the end result and your emotional reaction to it. The task may be temporary, but your response to lingering feelings for your former beau will dictate how you deal with the final product. It’s safe to say that the revised version of “Birthday Cake” is prime and ready to leak, but rumors of Rih and Breezy hanging out on the low and showing up together for her birthday party rouse suspicions. Regardless of who they’ve been with post-Chrianna, they just can’t escape each other in music and love.

If in a relationship at present, does your beau know?
Selective truth-telling is a guaranteed sign you are not working with your ex for the right reasons. Take Brown’s stylist girlfriend, Karreuche Tran. Her recent tweets made her sentiments about Rihanna clear and after seeing that the male love interest in Rih’s “We Found Love” looks like a mirror image of Breezy, it’s expected that Karreuche has her guards up. Those who are cuffed need to be honest with their significant others when it comes to any aspect of their prior relationships. Chris may have tatted the face of his present girl to let her know it’s real, but if she was the last to know about this remix, it will need more than ink to prove where his heart lies. Lying to someone who loves you is just as bad as lying to yourself.