The 10 Females We’d Love (and Hate!) to See As Whitney Houston in Her Biopic

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At this point, the question isn’t if Hollywood will produce a biopic about the life of Whitney Houston, but when they’ll get around to doing it. Less than a month after her death, we’re already hearing that they’re kicking around ideas about who would be the best actress to play the legendary R&B singer. From established thespians to relative unknowns, we’ve heard a number of different names tossed around. But, who should ultimately get the gig?


Earlier this week, we suggested Rihanna as someone who might be right for the role. And we felt the wrath of many of our readers in the comments section for doing it. So we decided to throw out the names of 10 other females who we’d love—and hate—to see play Whitney in her biopic. And, when this flick ultimately gets made, we’d like to see one of the ones that we “love” in the leading role. Are you listening, Hollywood?—Chris Yuscavage