10 Rappers Lil Wayne Shouldn’t Copy When He Creates His Own Sneaker

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As we reported exclusively earlier this week, Lil Wayne is in the midst of creating his own signature sneaker. Although he wouldn’t tell us any details about it, we did find out that it’s not going to be released through Nike or Reebok but that it will be put out by a major sneaker company (we’ll leave the guessing to you!). What we do know about the sneaker, though, is that it’s going to get plenty of attention when it comes out. And that can either be a very good thing for Wayne—or a very, very bad thing.

You see, in the past, there have been a number of different rappers who have created their own sneakers. Some of been well-received by the hip-hop community. For example, Jay-Z got some props for his Reebok S.Carters, while Kanye West had kids lining up outside of sneaker spots for Nike Air Yeezys. But, there have also been a number of rappers who have put out sneakers that have been—what’s the word we’re looking for here?—well, wack. And we think Weezy F. Baby could learn a thing or two (or 10!) from each of them. So we decided to take a look back at 10 rappers who had their own less-than-impressive signature sneakers to find out some of the things Wayne should keep in mind while creating his sneaker. This is the history, Wayne. Please don’t repeat it!—Chris Yuscavage