10 Secret Confessions Of The 2012 Gold-Digger


From WWMD – Warning: What you are about to read is mad real…

Being a gold-digger isn’t the worst thing in the world. It’s not the most noble either… But it is ambiguous, and evidently in need of explanation. If I had a nickel for every time I’ve heard a young lady complain about finances and then jokingly/dead seriously wish for a Sugar Daddy as refuge, I’d have enough to sponsor one of these poor damsels myself, smdh. Bad news: I don’t :( Good news: I know someone that does! :)

I think Penny’s a befitting pseudonym for the lady, don’t you agree?

Pretty Penny’s been shining since the day I met her, courtesy of some very generous sponsors. It’s a strange dichotomy this 27 yr-old lives in that condo of hers: half of the time she’s blasting “haters” in disagreement of her enviable life on social networks. The other half is spent not giving a huff but happily playing with “toys”, the sparkly, furry, and tax exemptive gifts she’s gingerly collected over the years from her bevy of suitors: pro athletes, lawyers, and ballin’ businessmen, all of which firmly believed it aint trickin, because well… They got it.

So I caught up with Penny and asked her some very real questions, a special delivery for inquiring minds. As always, you can thank me later, via fan mail and long stem roses…

1. ) Do you resent the name Gold-digger?

I do. I’m not digging for gold! Honestly that whole name calling thing is really urban and coming from an urban perspective. If a chick of color, which I am goes for guy of a higher rank the other crabs in the barrel want to call her out her name. When a white woman does it, they just call her smart. I don’t get it and I don’t care to.

2.) Was there a specific incident that made you turn into a “Gold-Digger” or better yet, a “Financial Security Miner”?

Hahahaha! I like that! Yeah, the incident was when reality hit me! I used to go out with regular guys that I was really into, nothing extravagant, you know little dates to the movies or out for dinner. He’d pay or if I liked him we’d go dutch, whatever. But that’s always how it is in the beginning. My last BF really changed the game for me. He gave me nothing but hard d*ck and bubblegum and that was good enough for me because I loved him. After I found out he was cheating I had nothing but tears to cry and time I wished I didn’t waste. I can’t be that girl anymore that sits around and cries about the fact I gave this guy everything and have nothing to show for it, well not anymore. Now if a guy wants to be a player, he can go right ahead. He can play with his toys and I’ll play with my toys, at his expense.


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