10 Things to Know Before You See ‘The Hunger Games’

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So the film adaptation of “The Hunger Games” notched one of the biggest opening weekends of all time, earning $155 million domestically and gorging on the hard-earned allowances of pre-teens everywhere. With the massive opening, “Games” has made the expected transition from “best-selling Young Adult series” to “juggernaut film franchise,” and with the “Harry Potter” films in the past and the “Twilight” franchise winding down, this plucky little series has become the 800-pound gorilla currently dominating pop culture.

“Ugh,” you say, “I guess I have to figure out what this whole ‘Hunger Games’ hooey is all about.” Relax, grandpa. Unlike certain vampire-laden YA fare, “The Hunger Games” possesses a wholly engrossing plot, some intriguing political undertones, a kick-ass female heroine and Lenny “Don’t Call It a Comeback” Kravitz in the film adaptation. If you want to avoid being the lone schlub left off the bandwagon and be able to hold a capable conversation about “The Hunger Games,” check out these 10 bits of information about the Franchise You Cannot Avoid. –Jason Lipshutz