5 Best Lines From Diggy’s Debut Album


While Diggy Simmons’ arrival may have been unexpected, he’s been hitting hip hop with his surprising lyricism since 2009. Heir to throne left vacant by a family of hip hop legends, the day has finally come for young Mr. Simmons to drop his debut album. On his Unexpected Arrival, he’s still heavy hitting, still flowing effortlessly and still dishing out the music that seems to be bubbling in his blood.  Here are five of the best lines from Diggy’s debut album. — Jazmine Gray

1.  Line: “Gotta muster up a smile when I’m posing for the camera. Watch me Chris Paul y’all cause I got a sick handle.” –  “I Need To Know”

What makes it nice: He compares his music to NBA star Chris Paul’s basketball skills, noting that he’s known for a sick handle.

2.  Line: “My name is Diggy, got the key to the city. Check my family tree, you know my uncle taught Diddy, who turned around and taught Biggie and Biggie taught Jigga so you can just imagine what he teaching me.” – 88

What makes it nice:  He goes down his lineage mentioning his uncle Russell Simmons, who he describes as having a chain reaction on hip hop effecting Diddy, Biggie, Jay-Z and now him.

3.  Line: “I’m Illmatic Nas, Reasonable Jay. My Adidas run and that’s reasonable to say.”- Two Up

What makes it nice:  He compares himself to his idols Nas and Jay-Z and their classic albums and then ends off referencing his father Run’s hit song “My Adidas.”

4. Line: “Even though I’m a minor, I can do it major. Bring it to any rapper, serve it to ‘em like it’s catered. Bet your bottom dollar you can place a wager, won’t be saved by the bell you ain’t AC Slater.”- Special Occasion

What makes it nice: Diggy uses irony in mentioning that although because of his age, he’s a minor, he can still be major and ends with a Saved By The Bell reference.

5. Line: ” I tried to warn y’all since Airborne, I’m cold like I left the air on. I’m dope, I’m dope- heroin and the world’s gonna know from here on.” –  Glow In the Dark

What makes it nice: He discusses his first mixtape Airborne, through which it all began and then caps off with some wordplay.