5 Celebrity Boyfriends Justin Bieber Is Better Than

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As if his infectiously adorable relationship with Selena Gomez isn’t proof enough, Justin Bieber will be reminding everyone how great of a boyfriend he can be on his upcoming track.

On “Boyfriend,” which is slated to release next week, the Biebs will have girls around the world imagining just how perfect a relationship with him would be. Whether he’s discussing chilling by the fire with fondue or flying his girl around the world, Justin is dripping romance in his new song.

At this point, with a pristine image and enough edge (or swag) to still be intriguing, Biebs is pretty hard to beat in the best boyfriend category. A few other celebrity guys may want to take notes from the 18-year-old superstar. Check out the celebrities who Justin Bieber could teach a thing or two. –Jazmine Gray