5 Makeup Tips for the Warmer Weather


Powder Please:
If tinted moisturizer isn’t giving you the appropriate coverage you need, use a light brushing powder foundation on top of your tinted moisturizer. Apply powder foundation in those areas where you need a little more coverage. MAC Mineralize SPF 15 Loose Foundation is a lightweight and loose mineral powder that will have you looking radiant and natural this summer.

Light and Bright:
The summertime is the perfect season to experiment with bright and vibrant colors on your eyes, cheeks and lips. Switch from wearing your neutral hues that you wear during fall and winter months, and embrace livelier, more playful colors. Apply pink and peaches to your cheeks and tangerine to your lips. In doing so, remember that summertime is all about staying and looking light, so stay away from rich, deep colors. Sheer glosses and eye-shadow colors are the best way to ensure that your face appears both light and bright.

Blot Sweat Away:
The worst thing about hot summer days is worrying about unnecessary shine on your face. While there is nothing sexier than a nice summer glow, a sweaty T-zone does not compare. To prevent your forehead and nose from looking greasy and sweaty, purchase blotting papers. They’re cheap and simple to use. All you do is press and go. Try Sephora Matte Blotting Papers. It’ll eliminate shine, while maintaining that fresh summer glow you all love.

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