7 Things We Learned From Biggie’s FBI Files


The unsolved murder of The Notorious B.I.G. is still an inquiry to many. If you didn’t check out the newly released FBI Files with facts on Biggie’s murder, we got you covered. Here’s 7 things that stood out to us:

1. B.I.G. had 3 condoms (Magnums to be exact), some weed, and an astma pump on him when he was killed.

2. B.I.G. was killed with a German Gecko 9mm pistol, which is extremely rare and not commonly seen in the streets or in the U.S.

3. The suspect witnesses reportedly saw the night of the murder had 9mm guns and “rare” ammunition in his basement, accompanied with a shrine to Tupac Shakur

4. B.I.G.’s last shoegame was some Timberlands, paired with Karl Kani jeans and a Bernini sweater, giving new meaning to “fresh to death.”

5. At one point, at least 10 witnesses were ready to provide information, but refused to talk to the LAPD.

6. Certain LAPD officers had links to gangs and reportedly helped the shooter escape by not following up on witness reports or properly documenting witness statements.

7. The “Post Music Awards ceremony” that was alluded to in the official report was in fact a party thrown by us at VIBE