A$AP Rocky Defends Iggy Azalea In Beef With Azealia Banks


A$AP Rocky came to fellow rapper—and possible girlfriend—Iggy Azalea’s side in a recent interview to try to put an end to the controversy she recently engaged in with another newcomer: Azealia Banks.

In a sit-down with Punch Bowl Blog, A$AP stated, “They gotta cut it out. That’s bullshit. Iggy is not racist. Trust me—truuusst me.” He continued on by saying, “That’s some bullshit. I think that’s petty for Azealia because—come on, don’t pick on her because she’s White. That’s a low blow.

The ill-feelings come after Azealia took personal offense to Iggy using a potential racist line in one of her songs, and then getting put on XXL’s 2012 Freshman cover. Iggy apologized for the line in a released statement, but also said it was taken out of context and was only meant as a tribute to the Kendrick Lamar song she originally sampled.

While we do see where Azealia is coming from, hopefully this ‘beef’ doesn’t go too far. Everyone involved in this situation is way too talented and fresh in their careers to be involved in mess.—Keenan Higgins

Check out video from the interview below: