After The Breakup: 3 Signs You’re Ready To Date Again


From UPTOWN–Next to experiencing the death of a loved one, going through a breakup can be one of the toughest things to do … unless you got that ice box where your heart used to be. Often times we jump back into things before we should because we’ve erred in calibrating our emotional barometers. Other times we don’t jump at all because we don’t know if we’re ready. Here are three signs you’re on the way to happily dating again.

You Can Deal with Doing Absolutely Nothing

A lot of people tell you to keep yourself busy after a breakup. To a certain extent, I agree. I’ve done it. It’s the anti-dwell. And for some, it’s their vice. It’s the way they deal with things without really dealing with things.

Keeping busy isn’t getting over the breakup. It’s delaying the inevitable. Have you ever lost someone, then randomly one day it hits you that they’re gone? Maybe it was days, weeks or months later. But that sudden rush of emotion that seemingly came out of nowhere is the official beginning of the healing process. It’s at that moment that you free your emotions of imprisonment and begin to process that your future is less one person that you thought would be there. You may feel down for some time because that’s normal. But when you get to the point you don’t need to keep busy to keep your mind off the past, you’re on your way to being able to hit the market again.

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